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Uniting Art and Resilience: The British/Ukrainian Exhibition Celebrating Independence Day

August 28, 2023

The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the UK (CRF) and Ukraine Appeal charities joined their efforts in organising British/Ukrainian art exhibition on the occasion of Independance Day of Ukraine in a workframe of the national annual Heritage Open Days. It presents more than hundred art pieces by twenty five artists inspired by the resilience of Ukraine in its war fight for freedom.

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PeaceHopeUkraine - An Exhibition of Art by Refugee Children, CMK Library, March-April 2023

March 3, 2023

Refugee children work for PeaceHopeUkraine exhibition on 11March-11April 2023 CMK Library Milton Keynes

Hope for Ukraine - A Ukrainian Art Exhibition in Milton Keynes Central Library

March 2, 2023

Please join us to celebrate the hope for the peace in Ukraine

Ukrainian Art Exhibition PeaceHopeUkraine 11 March - 11 April 2023 Milton Keynes Central Library

The exhibition displays a selection of works by talented Ukrainian refugee artists and children

It has been curated to mark the one-year anniversary of Russia’s barbaric, full-scale invasion of Ukraine

The Featured Artists are: Anna Li, Ahneta Shashkova, Oleh Stryzhevskyi, Katya Belaia-Selzer, Galyna Rudyk, Olena Haiduk, Olga Boyko, Anna Kopach, Artur Orlyonov, Roman Bonchuk, Victor Kasyanchuk, Nataliya Bilyk, Anatolii Chernyi PeaceHopeUkraine is organised by charities: Ukraine Appeal and The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the UK It is sponsored by Milton Keynes City Council and supported by Milton Keynes City Libraries. It is also supported by Info Art Frontier UA CIC, The Embassy of Ukraine to the UK and Northern Ireland - to all of whom we give our thanks and appreciation Milton Keynes Central Library 555 Silbury Boulevard Milton Keynes MK9 3HL

Opening hours 9 am-6 pm Monday –Friday 9am- 8 pm Thursday 9 am-5 pm Saturday Sunday closed

The exhibition is open to all and is free to attend. See you there!

More information about the organizations involved: Ukraine Appeal​

The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the UK

Info Art Frontier CIC

The Educational and Aesthetic Complex Art School, Kherson, Ukraine,

More information about the artists involved:; ;;;; ;;

Peace and Hope for Ukraine - Art Exhibition Commemorating One Year of War

February 28, 2023

My dearest FB friends please come to the art exhibition organised by CRF and Ukrainian Appeal to mark a one year sad anniversary of war in Ukraine. It is sponsored by MK Council and MK libraries. It displays 70 art works by talented Ukrainian 13 refugee artists and 30 peace posters of refugee children who are students of art school in Kherson, Ukraine . PEACEHOPEUKRAINE!

Ukrainian Children's Message to the World - Act Now to Save the Planet from Global Chernobyl

January 9, 2023

The world is horrified with the tragic war in Ukraine . The world might turn into Global Chernobyl any minute with Russians who are uncontrolled at Ukrainian atomic power stations . This video was done a year ago to be presented at COP 26 to remind the world that it’s time to safe the planet ! It’s even more vital now ! Have a look what kids think about the Planet state ! We are all in charge to save Planet for the next generations


The Chernobyl Disaster - 35 Years On and Still Fighting for a Safer World

April 26, 2022

Today is the anniversary of Chernobyl disaster of 1986. As a managing trustee of The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in UK I have been dealing with Chernobyl children for 25 years - 3 generations of kids whose lives were affected by the most infamous catastrophe of the century which happened in Ukraine. Today the whole world is united to stop the Russian aggressive war in Ukraine to avoid catastrophe which might lead the global “Chernobyl”. United we win! Viva brave Ukraine! Viva brave Ukrainians ! Viva friends of Ukraine!


Future Bright - IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE PLANET Winners Featured in Milton Keynes Art Exhibition

July 22, 2021

NEWS! The WINNERS posters of IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE PLANET Competition were guest exhibits of Anual Milton Keynes OPEN Art Exhibition, England . CRF thanks the organisers of the exhibition to invite the winners for display. It created a big interest and raised awareness on Chernobyl and climate change issues.

Winners of International Poster Competition to raise awareness of Chernobyl's legacy.

June 15, 2021

Some comments of judges on the International Poster Competition IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE PLANET organised by CRF in partnership with Art School , Kherson , Ukraine

The Baroness Caroline Cox , Trustee , CRF , UK “Absolutely BRILLIANT! Evocative, thoughtful, beautiful and inspirational. Congratulations to all, Caroline:

Dearest Tatiana, It was a great privilege and joy to write the letter to the entrants of Imagine Your Future Planet. I am particularly pleased to know you are so happy with it - even if the feeling did overwhelm you! As always, I am truly grateful for your friendship and for your very generous, kind words. Please do be in touch if there is anything else you need. With great admiration for your inspirational and transformational work and with fondest love, Caroline”

Anthony Spira , Director of MK Gallery , UK ” Tatiana, congratulations again on managing such a wonderful and important project! It was an honour and a pleasure to be involved. Such a successful project! Anthony”

Yulia Slipich, Director of Art School, Kherson, Ukraine “Tanya, thank you very much. It was a great competition. And it was a new experience for us. I’m glad everything worked out great. The children are very happy with the results. You have chosen an excellent judging team.”

Anna Korolevska, Director of National Chernobyl Museum , Kyiv, Ukraine “Dear Tatyana, I understand you very well! I am grateful for your many years of charitable work. It is worth a lot: for so many years to be so devoted to the affected people, to preserve their memory and not let the world forget about this tragedy. May your kindness and cordiality return to you a hundredfold!

We decided to place all 80 winners artworks on google drive so that all children can see their works and show them to others. They all tried and should be rewarded for such an efforts and incredible talents … ”

Julia Karmo, Producer of REAL CHERNOBYL documentary

“Dear Tatiana, I want to say a huge thanks for being part of the judging panel and to congratulate you all for doing this amazing work on making Chernobyl legacy alive for so many kids from all over the world, 35 years on. I think the works are really excellent and hope they generate a lot of discussions everywhere where they are displayed. It has been an honour to be part of this! Best wishes, Julia Karmo”

“Dear Tatiana, … I would be honoured to do judging. Thank you for sharing your personal story why raising awareness on Chernobyl disaster has become your lifetime project…Not a day goes by when I don’t reflect in what I learned through making the film and the people I met in Chernobyl - both on the injustice that happened and keeps happening to people who lived through it and the unassuming heroism of the people who dealt with it then and are helping people now… Thank you so much for reaching out! Julia”

Anara Forrester “It’s been a delight and a privilege to be involved in judging this incredibly beautiful and meaningful poster competition. The theme of the competition Imagine Your Future Planet to commemorate the 35th year since the Chernobyl tragedy encouraged children to study and think about importance of saving our nature and global environmental risks. And seeing the art works of the young participants, I am confident that this experience will help them to grow into responsible human beings, who, when time comes, will make right choices to keep this world safe and going. Thank you and very best wishes, Anara Forrester Art researcher and historian in subject of public art United Kingdom”

Vladimir Tverdokhlebov, artist “Dear Tatiana, First of all I would like to say many thanks for inviting me to be a judge of the international children poster competition in commemoration of the 35th year of the Chernobyl disaster. It was a real pleasure and privilege to see so many talented art works by young children from different parts of the world. I liked many posters. There are many incredible talents. It was not easy to choose a favourite one. Wishing all the young participants to be healthy and happy, fulfil their dreams and keep developing their talents. Thank you and very best wishes, Vladimir Tverdokhlebov Artist Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Natalia Zozulya, artist “Good morning, Tatiana! I enjoyed looking at the artworks. Indeed, there are simply amazing ideas, there is super execution. I have put my ticks on many works and will look through everything again… You have done an amazing job! I am very grateful to you for the opportunity to participate in this project. Thank you Natalia ”

Stewart Bailey, Director VirtualViewing …”This piece of art was “stand out” for me. The simplicity, the delicate lines and most of all the subject presents and wonderfully simplistic, almost rustic returns to the true values of life as we commune as one with nature. Bravo!”

Temenuga Hristova, artist “Dear Tatiana, I am honoured to be a judge in your international art competition and I gladly accept your kind invitation! Temenuga Hristova, Artsist, Art teacher, Chairwoman of Union of Bulgarian Artists -brunch of Shumen”

Brothers Shyrshov win Silver in International Poster Competition sponsored by CRF.

May 27, 2021

SILVER Winners of The International Poster Competition Imagine Your Future Planet (IYFP ) , age groups 10-12 and 13-16 . Brothers Shyrshov got their Certificates and prizes sponsored by CRF

Chernobyl Relief Foundation in UK awards first prize to young environmentalist

May 26, 2021

The Gold Prize Winner of The International Poster competition IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE PLANET (IYFP ) age group 10-13 Sulamita Doroshuk, Ukraine , got her first money prize sponsored by The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in UK .

10-year old Vadim Shurshov wins SILVER at IYFP Poster Competition showcasing his artistic talents.

May 21, 2021

SILVER winner Vadim Shurshov ( age group 10-12 ) in the International Poster Competition IYFP organised by CRF a teaming up with Art School, Kherson , Ukraine Some art works of Vadim

IYFP Silver Medal Awarded to Valentin Shyrshov for his Stunning Art Pieces.

May 21, 2021

SILVER winner Valentin Shyrshov ( age group 13-16 ) in the International Poster Competition IYFP a organised by CRF a teaming up with the Art School , Kherson, Ukraine Some of his art works

Promoting Aid and Hope - The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the United Kingdom

May 21, 2021

copy of CRF website page…

How it all started In 1995 the Embassy of Ukraine took part in launching The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the United Kingdom, (CRF), a Charitable Trust, registered number 1044411, aimed at promoting aid to those people in Ukraine who suffered as a result of the world™s gravest nuclear disaster on 26th April 1986.

The Charity is supported by Sir Sigmund Sternberg O.St.J. KCSG JP and The Baroness Cox of Queensbury, a Deputy Speaker, House of Lords, since 1986, who act as trustees of CRF.

Objectives and Activities The Foundation™s primary objective is to promote essential medical, material, social and welfare support for children in Ukraine who are the long-term victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 26th April 1986 and orphans with damaged immune systems.

The secondary objective is to promote exchange programmes between Ukrainian children with more pressing health and emotional needs and British children.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Foundation undertakes the following activities:

The provision of hearing aids, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to Ukrainian hospitals and institutions treating children with Chernobyl related illnesses.

The organisation of cross-cultural exchanges under which British children can visit Ukrainian children.

Establishing relations with volunteers and charitable organisations to promote the work of the Foundation in England and Ukraine.

Raising funds for the Foundation to carry out its work and achieve its objectives.

Assessing the success of the Foundation™s work and publicising its results.

Statement of Values The Chernobyl Foundation in the United Kingdom is committed to respecting the values and culture of the Ukrainian people and remains sensitive to new ideas to meet the needs of their children who are suffering illness and deprivation as a result of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster…

10-year-old Yeva Samoilovska wins SILVER at the International Poster Competition 'Imagine Your Future Planet'

May 20, 2021

SILVER winner Yeva Samoilovska (age group 10-12 ). The International Poster Competition - Imagine Your Future Planet - organised by CRF teaming up with Art School, Kherson, Ukraine. Some of art works of Yeva below.

13-year-old Karolina Shevchenko Wins Silver in International Poster Competition Imagining Our Future Planet

May 20, 2021

The SILVER winner Karolina Shevchenko (age group 13-16). The International Poster Competition - Image Your Future Planet - organised by CRF teaming up with Art School, Kherson , Ukraine . Some of artist™s art works. CRF sponsored the arty prize which was sent to Karolina .

International Poster Competition Winner - Sulamita Doroshuk, Age 10-12.

May 20, 2021

The GOLD Winner Sulamita Doroshuk ( age group 10-12) in the International Poster Competition -Imagine Your Future Planet - Organised by CRF teaming up with Art School , Kherson,Ukraine. Sulimata’s some art works .

International Poster Competition Winners Honored at Zemlyaki, Kiev

May 20, 2021

On behalf of the Chernobyl organisation Zemlyaki, Kiev, Ukraine, more than 100 young artistes participated in the International Poster Competition IYFP- IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE PLANET- alongside with other 600 kids from 14 countries. The competition was organised by The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the UK to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Chernobyl. The winners got their prizes at the memorable event at Zemlyaki in Kiev.

IYFP - IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE PLANET - Announcing the GOLD winner of poster competition!

May 20, 2021

The GOLD winner Katerina Cherevatova (age group 13-16) with the arty vouchers prize sponsored by CRF. The International Poster Competition IYFP- IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE PLANET was organised by CRF teaming up with the Art School, Kherson, Ukraine. 630 kids from 14 countries participated.

Future generations speak out through winning posters in International Competition commemorating 35th anniversary of Chernobyl

May 4, 2021

Congratulations! WINNERS in 10- 12 age group and 13-16 age group of the International Poster Competition IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE PLANET ORGANISED in commemoration of the 35 anniversary of Chernobyl , 26 April, 2021.

One and All - we have raised awareness! We vote for the PLANET without Chernobyls…

Wishing You a Joyous Easter! - Message from Project Managing Trustee, Tatiana P Birch

April 29, 2021

My best wishes to one and all. Happy Easter Project Managing Trustee. CRF Tatiana P Birch

Imagine Your Future Planet - Honoring Chernobyl 35th Anniversary with Art Competition Winners

April 26, 2021

On 26th of April 2021 the world commemorates the 35th anniversary of Chernobyl, the world’s worst nuclear disaster. The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the UK (CRF) in partnership with the Educational- Aesthetic Complex Art School and with the support of the Embassy lf Ukraine to the United Kingdom and Northen Ireland has launched The International Poster Competition Imagine Your Future Planet (IYFP) to attract attention of the young people to the catastrophic consequence of manmade disasters on our planet.

It is supported by the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, and Ukrainian National Chornobyl Museum, Ukraine.

Nearly seven hundred talented children aged 10-16 from UK, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Portugal, Hong Kong, Russia, Estonia, China, Portugal, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania entered the competition. Through art and creativity, the competition gives young people the chance to express their vision on the future of the planet without Chornobyl. The childrens’ art works are so different, as different their vision on the future of our planet


IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE PLANET - 630 Talented Kids from 14 Countries Create Art Reflecting on World Without Chernobyl.

April 23, 2021

Successful final! 630 talented kids aged 10-16 from 14 countries participated in IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE PLANET International Poster Competition launched by CRF in commemoration of the 35th anniversary of Chernobyl Judges voted for winners. But all kids are winners! They think about the future without Chernobyl… see all the winners on links

Final Judging In Progress - IYFP Poster Competition 2020.

April 12, 2021

IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE PLANET (IYFP) Poster Competition is closed. The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the UK ( CRF), the organiser , got 630 entries from kids aged 10-16 from 14 countries . We wait for judges to make the final decisions on the winners .


Celebrating Our Dream Team - Thank You to All Who Made Our CRF Project Possible

December 13, 2020

fabulous memories about people who helped to make CRF project a reality… thank you one and all.

Changing Lives - The Rewarding Pressure of Helping Kids

December 13, 2020

so many Thanks…such a pressure to feel we change the lives of kids for better…

CRF Raises Global Awareness on the Devastating Impact of Chernobyl

December 13, 2020

Prime Ministers…Presidents of Countries are informed what CRF does on raising awareness of Chernobyl, the world’s worst nuclear catastrophy…

CRF's Medical Projects Providing Love and Care for Children in Need

December 13, 2020

so much love for kids whom CRF help with medical projects…

CRF's mission - Building a better future for Chernobyl children in Ukraine

December 13, 2020

CRF aims: raising awareness on Chernobyl, raising funds for health projects for Chernobyl children in Ukraine

Raising Awareness Among Thousands of Young People on the Consequences of Chernobyl with CRF.

December 13, 2020

CRF attracted thousands of young people to the horror consiquences of Chernobyl …

CRF Offers Condolences to Families of Ukrainian Plane Crash Victims.

January 13, 2020

On behalf of trustees and supporters of CRF we express the deepest sorrow and condolences to the families and close ones of victims who died in the tragic Ukrainian airplane accident in Iran on 8 January 2020


CRF provides Medical aids for Chernobyl Children at Zemlyaki, Kyiv, Ukraine.

December 3, 2019

November 2019 , Kyiv, Ukraine. CRF sponsored medical aids for 29 kids registered as Chernobyl Children at Zemlyaki. Thank you letters from parents say- it was the best Xmas present for kids!

Medical Aid Provided to Chernobyl Children in Zemlyaki, Kiev by CRF, March 2019.

April 15, 2019

In March 2019 CRF sponsored medical aid for 60 kids registered as Chernobyl children at Zemlyaki , Kiev, Ukraine . The representative of CRF monitored purchasing and distribution of medicine . Kids and parents express their deep gratitude to one and all who contributed to CRF project and made the lives of kids brighter and healthier .


Chernobyl Children Receive Life-changing Christmas Gift in Kiev Thanks to CRF

December 9, 2018

CRF completed preXmas medical project in Kiev , Ukraine, November 2018 . Dozens of sick kids who are registered as Chernobyl Children at Zemlyaki Chernobyl Organisation got medication sponsored by CRF . It is the best Xmas presents for kids ! It is reflected in Thank you letters from their parents ! A big Thank you to CRF supporters who made the project a reality ! Merry Xmas and Happy New Year !

CRF Sponsors Medical Aid Project for 96 Chernobyl Children in Kiev.

May 30, 2018

In May CRF sponsored medical humanitarian aid project in Kiev, Ukraine .Managing Trustee of CRF Tatiana Birch had monitored and completed purchasing and distribution of medical aid for 96 Chernobyl children ( 3d generation ) registered at Zemlyaki , Kiev, Ukraine .
Dozens of kids photos and thank you letters from parents are reflect how Kids are happy ! Parents are grateful! Trustees of CRF are thankful for one and all who helps us to make kids lives brighter.

A Tribute to a Generous and Loyal Friend of CRF - Remembering Ray Hobson's Legacy

February 19, 2018

We lost a loyal friend … For nearly 20 years Ray Hobson was a continuous generous contributor to CRF projects . Every Xmas he raised funds for CRF and generously donated He was fighting cancer for nearly a year but he lost the battle…Ray will be always in our hearts and in the hearts of Ukrainian children …

Announcement - Lions Club Peace Poster Contest Winners 2012

February 10, 2018

Memories and actions…

Peace Poster Contest

Peace Poster Competition- 14 November, 2012 Published November 14, 2012 by gpoojari in Community Projects, Fund Raising/Community Projects, News

2012-11-14 11.08.41 (1) By Tatiana Pereverzeva -Birch, Chairperson for PP Contest, LC MKC Dear All and One who participated in the Lions International Peace Poster Contest 2012 in Milton Keynes which was sponsored by Lions Club Milton Keynes Central The judging of the entries for the International Lions Clubs Peace Poster Contest 2012 took place in MK Gallery on 14 November 2012. It was based on Lions International Peace Poster Contest Rules – Lions Clubs ..( see website) From 45 entries of the participants from different schools 7 experienced art judges have chosen the winners 1st place – Iris Wright awarded with £25 voucher WHSmith and the certificate for winning the local competition in the Lions International Peace Poster Contest photo -04726 Iris Wright- the winner 01DSC04726

2nd place – Cameron Bloomer awarded with £15 voucher WHSmith and the certificate for winning the local competition in the Lions International Peace Poster Contest photo -04725 DSC04725 3d place – Carmen Truong awarded with £10 voucher WHSmith and the certificate for winning the local competition in the Lions International Peace Poster Contest photo -04724 DSC04724 4th place- Rochelle Dunne photo -04723 5th place Archer Uhufar photo -04722 and all the other participants will get the certificate for participating in the local competition in the Lions International Peace Poster Contest The winner Poster by Iris Wright will be send to the Lions Club Zone Contest which takes place on 20 November. (details on demand) The certificates and prizes will be handed on the date confirmed by the school teachers. I would like to express my gratitude to teachers Zena Ellis, Karen Wizard and judges Mike Spike, Patrick Nicholson, Georgeanne Scott, Yvonne Bell, Celia Heart, Les Westley who made the contest a success and promote the idea of the contest Imagine Peace. Special thanks to the MK Gallery for being supportive and organising the room and refreshments for judging during recent three years.

Chernobyl Nuclear Plant to be Decommissioned Completely by 2013 - The Lasting Impact of the Chernobyl Disaster

February 10, 2018

Time for memories.

We inform. KievPost

Chernobyl nuclear plant to be decommissioned completely by 2013

By Interns. Published April 27, 2010 at 10:03 am

Chernobyl nuclear plant to be decommissioned completely by 2013 Popular on social media Luc Chenier leaving as Kyiv Post CEO to start his own advertising agency 434 Ukraine worst in Europe for economic freedom, 150th among all nations 112 New Nike T-shirt appeals to supporters of Russian occupiers in Donbas 97 Speaking at a news conference Monday on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the worst ecological disaster, the Ukrainian Embassy Trade and Economic Minister Dr. Yaroslav Voitka, however, said the complete decommissioning of the entire nuclear power plant and transforming the facility into an ecologically safe system will take about 70 years.

The accident happened on April 26, 1986, when one of the four reactors exploded sending tonnes of radioactive material into the air. Some of these were carried around the world, but 70 per cent of the radioactive substances blew north over the population of Belarus, eastern Europe.

Though only 50 deaths were reported directly, but as a result of the accident more than 145 thousand square kilometres in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia were contaminated, over five million people were affected and about five thousand settlements were contaminated with radioactive sediments. Some 2218 towns and cities with a population of approximately 2.4 million in Ukraine alone were affected.

According to Dr. Voitko, as of April 2010, over 2.3 million people in Ukraine had the status of the victims of Chernobyl disaster with children being more than half a million of them.

He said over the past 12 years, the total number of affected citizens declined by 26 per cent while the number of persons classified as disabled increased by 80 percent.

Furthermore, he added, according to the generalised data of Ukrainian Health Ministry, 504,117 persons (both adults and children) died due to long term affects of the radiation while under medical supervision between 1987 and 2004.

Dr.Voitka said though mortality rate of affected children has gradually declined, but among middle and older ages it has gone up.

The economic loss to Ukraine has been estimated at US $ 1385 million.

He said Ukraine has 10 nuclear power plants which meet 40 per cent of countrys energy need while two more are under construction. He said the international donors have pledged assistance towards Shelter Fund for the safe storage of nuclear waste. Out of the initial cost estimated at US $ 768 million, 90 per cent of this amount has been already collected but according to estimates by international experts, the project require a further approximately US $ 1400 million to complete.

Tatiana Pereverzeva Birch, head of the Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the UK, explained the measures to raise funds for the treatment of children affected by the fallout of radioactive material. In southern Belarus thyroid cancer in children has increased by more than 100 times, due to the large amounts of radioactive iodine they have ingested, and there have been rises in many other types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems, ailments of the digestive system and birth defects.

She expressed gratitude to Cuba and said it was the only country that offered free treatment to the children that benefited some 20,000 Ukrainian children. She also lauded efforts of the British philanthropists in raising funds and treatment of children in the UK.

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First Lady Meets with Lions Clubs and Chornobyl Relief Foundation Representatives for Ukrainian Children

February 10, 2018

Time for memories .

We talk to the First Lady …


First Lady meets with representatives of the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) and the Chornobyl Relief Foundation in the UK For Ukrainian Children

Tuesday, 18 October 2005 15:15

The First Lady met with representatives of the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) and the Chornobyl Relief Foundation in the UK For Ukrainian Children. John Goodchild, Immediate Chairman of the LCIF Council, Ram Jaggi, LCIF International Relation Officer, and Tatiana Pereverzeva-Birch, Chornobyl Relief Foundation Executive Trustee, agreed to cooperate with Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Foundation in the framework of its Hospital to Hospital program. They also promised to share their expertise to treat diabetes and prevent blindness with Ukrainian hospitals.

Lions Clubs International has been operating in 194 countries for 87 years. It has offices the Donetsk Region and Kyiv. This is the only charitable organization in the world that has no paid employees.

The Chornobyl Relief Foundation in the UK For Ukrainian Children was established in 1995 in London by the Embassy of Ukraine in UK, the Baroness Cox of Queensbury, and Sir Sigmund Sternberg to raise funds to help Ukrainian children that survived the Chornobyl disaster.

Gratitude Continues - A Thank You that Lasts Forever.

January 28, 2018

Thank you …again … I need it… Yesterday…today…tomorrow…always…


Bringing Smiles and Essential Medications - CRF's Xmas Gift to Kids in Zemliaki, Kyiv

December 26, 2017

Xmas time for joy and smiles ! CRF make these kids smile ! The best Xmas preset for them is essential medication . CRF sponsored and distributed medical aids in November -December 2017 at Zemliaki, Kyiv, Ukraine

CRF Brings Cheer to Children with Essential Medicines as Christmas Presents

December 15, 2017

Happy children thank CRF for best Xmas presents - essential medicine so necessary to brighten their lives …

Join CRF this Holiday Season and Celebrate with Friends and Supporters

December 3, 2017

Xmas is to meet friends who support CRF fund raising events . Continuous supporters of CRF , Bishop Hlib (Borys Sviatoslav) Lonchyna, M.S.U. Alla Sirenko, Composer , and members of AUGB

Bringing the Gift of Health to Chernobyl Children Thanks to CRF's Xmas Initiative

November 28, 2017

CRF sponsored purchasing medical aids for the Chernobyl children registered at Zemlyaki. It is the best Xmas present for them ! They are smiling to you with thanks !

CRF Sponsored Medical Supplies for Children at Zemliaky in November.

November 28, 2017

In NovemberCRF sponsored purchasing Medicine for kids at

CRF Sponsors Medical Project for Chernobyl Children in Zemlyaki, Kiev

November 8, 2017

In November CRF sponsored medical project for purchasing medical aid for Chernobyl Children , at Zemlyaki , Kiev, Ukraine . The CRF project is supported by Igor Borts, who performed the charity concert for Chernobyl children and their parents at Zemlyaki. The raised money would contribute to November CRF project.

124 Ukrainian Children Receive Essential Medications through CRF Sponsorship

October 31, 2017

In November CRF sponsor 124 kids with essential medications. See a letter appeal from Kiev, Ukraine .
The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in UK Project Managing Trustee To Tatiana Pereverzeva-Birch

September Medical Aid for Children - A CRF Initiative

October 2, 2017

CRF continue medical projects, kids got medical aid in September

Medical aid sponsored by CRF distributed to 131 registered Chernobyl children in Kiev, Ukraine.

July 12, 2017

CRF sponsored 131 kids registered as Chernobyl children at Zemlyaki , Kiev, Ukraine . Medical aid was purchased and distributed in June 2017.

CRF Successfully Raises Funds for Medical Aid in Kiev.

June 5, 2017

It was busy time for CRF to raise enough funds for purchasing medical aid for 149 kids registered at Chernobyl Organisation Zemlyaki in Kiev, Ukraine

CRF Trustees are grateful for all supporters who made fund raising a success.

Ukrainian Thought Newspaper - CRF Thanks its Valued Supporters

January 11, 2017

THANK YOU article CRF published in Ukrainian Thought newspaper ( Ukrainska Dumka ) appreciating the generous And continuous supporters of CRF

Heartfelt Gratitude - Letters from 166 Chernobyl Children Following Vital Medical Aid Sponsored by CRF.

January 10, 2017

THANK YOU letters from 166 Chernobyl Children who got essential medical aid sponsored by CRF. These letters full of tears of gratefulness to CRF friends who were involved in CRF fund raising projects.The medical aid was delivered and distributed in December, 2016, Kiev, Ukraine ,


Season's Greetings from Chernobyl Children - Medical aid distribution event sponsored by CRF in Kiev, Ukraine.

December 24, 2016

Thank you and Merry Xmas from kids you help ! CRF THANK ALL AND ONE who helped to make our project a reality. Distribution of medical aid to Chernobyl children sponsored by CRF . December , Kiev, Ukraine

CRF's Medication Aid Brings Smiles to Children for Christmas 2016

December 16, 2016

December 2016. Medication aid sponsored by CRF would be distributed by the end of the year with the following photos and letters from kids. Let the smiles of the kids beighten your Xmas !

Successful Florence Concert Raises 2000 Euro for CRF Medical Project in Kiev

November 11, 2016

Sunny morning! Sunny news! Florence concert for CRF raised 2000 euro! What an effort ! Big fat THANKYOU to Alexander Romanivsky, Super Ukrainian pianist , Marco Giggini , and all the people involved in fundraising ! I am very happy, this funds would contribute to medical project for children in December in Kiev, Ukraine. Best Xmas present for sick kids!

Successful Florence Concert Raises 2000 Euro for CRF's Medical Project in Kiev, Ukraine.

November 11, 2016

Sunny morning! Sunny news! Florence concert for CRF raised 2000 euro! What an effort ! Big fat THANKYOU to Alexander Romanivsky, Super Ukrainian pianist , Marco Giggini , and all the people involved in fundraising ! I am very happy, this funds would contribute to medical project for children in December in Kiev, Ukraine. Best Xmas present for sick kids!

Successful Fundraising Concert in Milton Keynes Raises Nearly £1000 for CRF Medical Project in Kiev.

November 3, 2016

Amazing efforts of CRF supporters brought amazing results ! Nearly £1000 was raised at the concert in Milton Keynes ! I published the article about the concerts and CRF activities with special thanks to musicians and scholl children who contributed to the next medical project in December in Kiev . THANK YOU !

Musicians donate fee to support next medical project in Kiev for Chernobyl children.

October 22, 2016

Talented musicians Slava Sidorenko and Svetlana Mochalova contributed to CRF next medical project donating their performance fee. I would like to thank you one and all who came to the concert and supported CRF . The concert raised £910 . It would contribute to the next medical project in Kiev, Ukraine, in December . It is the best Xmas present for Chernobyl children! Thank you. Special thanks to the school boy Peter Mills , a continuous supporter of CRF.

Chernobyl Reborn - The EBRD's $2.1 Billion Plan for Transformation

October 20, 2016

Sometimes people ask me - is Chernobyl still alive ? After 30 years? This is the answer- YES … ” The entire Shelter Implementation Plan is expected to cost €2.1 billion and be completed by the end of 2017. It is funded by contributions from more than 40 countries, the European Commission and the EBRD.” …

Chernobyl: a site transformed How the EBRD is working to transform Chernobyl, the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident. EBRD.COM

Charity Concert in Milton Keynes Raises Funds for Christmas Medical Project in Kiev

October 17, 2016

Another great success- CRF organised a charity concert in Milton Keynes and raised enough money for the Xmas medical project in Kiev for Chernobyl children . “Musicians Slava Sidorenko , Svetlana Mochalova, donated their talent and CDs to raise money for Chernobyl children , Tatiana Birch (middle) organiser of the concert” “A school girls Anusha Pachala and Swetha Guruprasad raised £250 for CRF and presented cheque at the concert” “Mayor of MK with his wife, and Tatiana Birch, trustee of CRF , concert organiser” “Craft sale”. Great support from Embassy of Ukraine to the UK and Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain

Charity Concert by CRF & MKCity Church - A Night of Classical Music for Chernobyl Children, 15 October 2016, Milton Keynes

September 29, 2016

My dearest FB friends, On 15 October at 7.30 PM CRF invite you to the charity concert organised by CRF in cooperation with MKCity Church music group.

Please come and enjoy classical music performed by Ukrainian internationally aclaimed world class musicians . See the programme below . Raised money would contribute to the Xmas medical supply for Chernobyl children at Zemlyaki , Kiev, Ukraine.

Milton Keynes City Church 300 Saxon Gate West, Central Milton Keynes. MK9 2ES, 01908 246486 Presents a concert in aid of The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the UK SVETLANA MOCHALOVA (cello) SLAVA SIDORENKO (piano) BEETHOVEN: Cello Sonata No 4 in C MENDELSSOHN: Variations Sériuses Op 54 SCHUMANN: Drei Fantasiestücke, Op. 73 GLAZUNOV: Chant du Ménestrel, Op. 71 RACHMANINOV: Cello Sonata in G minor, Op.19

Saturday 15th October 7.30pm

Chernobyl Children’s Pictures - Sale of Ukranian /Russian Arts & Craft Raffle Tickets £12.50 (conc £12, child £2) by programme at the door In the presence of the Mayor and Mayoress of Milton Keynes and representatives of the Ukrainian Embassy. For further information please call 07961 348697 new collection of craft for sale stall at the concert.

International Festival of Arts - Supporting CRF's Mission

September 25, 2016

Another great event where CRF had the chance to raise awareness and funds -International festival of arts in Milton Keynes , 24 September . AUGB and local artist Yvonnne Elliot contributed to raising funds at a sale stall.

Chernobyl Children Art Exhibition - A Reflection on the Nuclear Disaster

September 16, 2016

3 September-15 October Welcome to CRF exhibition of the Chernobyl children artworks in Central Library 555 Silbury Boulevard Central Milton Keynes MK9 3HL

Tatiana Pereverzeva Birch, Project Managing Trustee of CRF, honored with international award for Chernobyl children charity achievements

September 16, 2016

Project Managing Trustee of CRF Tatiana Pereverzeva Birch got her next international award for achievements in charity activities for the benefit of Chernobyl children

CRF Provides Medical Aid to Chernobyl Children in Kiev

September 15, 2016

In June 2016 CRF purchased and distributed medical aid for Chernobyl children at Zemlyaki, Kiev, Ukraine .

CRF Purchase and Distribute Vital Medical Aid to Chernobyl Children in Ukraine

September 15, 2016

News Purchasing and distribution of medical aid for Chernobyl children at Zemlyaki , Kiev , Ukraine . June 2016 .

Tatiana Pereverzeva -Birch monitored purchasing and delivery of essential medical aid for nearly 140 kids registered as Chernobyl victims at Zemlyki , the Chernobyl non profit Organisation in Kiev. The funds for medication were raised by The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in UK (CRF ) which organised concerts, exhibitions and talks in London and Milton Keynes. CRF thank one and all who supported the fund raising events!

Fundraising Gala Concert, 16 April 2016, London

April 16, 2016

The Gala Concert to commemorate 30th anniversary of Chernobyl was held in the premises and with the support of Holy Family Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of London. It was a great success due to joint efforts of CRF, Embassy of Ukraine, Ukraine International Airline, a group of talented musicians, performers and dancers of Young Ballet Academy. The Ukrainian composer A.Sirenko produced the Chernobyl theme composition and united all the participants in a deeply touching and memorable performance . The display of the Chernobyl children art raised awareness and reminded of the horror and consequences of Chernobyl. The raised money will contribute to the next CRF health project in Kiev, Ukraine.

Anastasia Golovina (soprano), Tatiana Pereverzrva-Birch (Trustee CRF), Ludmila Pekarska (Ukrainska Dumka), Bishop Hlib Lonchina, A.Sirenko the composer, Irina Tymczyszyn (UBCC), Igor Kyzym (Embassy of Ukraine)


CRF completed the health project for Zemlyaki, Kiev, Ukraine. October - November 2015

November 30, 2015

CRF has completed the health project for the Chernobyl children registered in Zemlyaki, Kiev, Ukraine. CRF sponsored medication for nearly $4000.

CRF thanks Kiev Lions Club for assistance in bank transaction of CRF funds and efficiently monitoring the purchase of the medical aid during stressful political, social and economic situation in Ukraine.

CRF treasurer Katrina Mills visited Zemlyaki in October and discussed the next CRF health projects, with the director of the organisation Tamara Krasitskaya.

Zemlyaki Kiev Link

Kyiv Lions Club Link

CRF make more children smile

November 30, 2015

So many children need help! So many desperate parents cannot afford to buy essential medication for their kids!

Nearly 120 children benefited from the recent CRF health project in October 2015. These kids need constant supply of medication and vitamins to support their immune systems. They are registered at Zemlyaki, Kyiv as the third generation of chernobyl children.

Thank you letters from the childrenHere is a (censored) list of the 118 children who received the medication

Zemlyaki, Kyiv Link

The medical aid worth $4000 was sponsored by CRF, October 2015.

October 30, 2015

In October 2015 CRF sponsored $4000 for purchasing the medical aid for the Chernobyl children registered at Zemlyaki, Kiev, Ukraine. They have chronic diseases and need constant medical care. The medication and vitamins were distributed between 120 children in need.

Zemlyaki Website Link

CRF discuss new projects at Embassy of Ukraine, London, August, 2015

August 28, 2015

On 23 August Tatiana Pereverzeva -Birch met representatives of the Ukrainian community and Ukraine Aid UK at the Preview of theFragile Independence Photo Exhibition atthe Embassy of Ukraine in London. It was held to raise awareness of the war victims in Ukraine. Thousands of children became orphans because of the war. CRF discussed the potential medical projectswith Ukraine Aid UK.

Embassy of Ukraine, London. The Ukrainian community actively help the victims of war in Ukraine. But it is never enough. They are looking for any potential help

Thousands of orphans who lost their dads in war in Ukraine need medical help, but they look optimistic for the future and express their hopes in the pictures.

Tatiana Pereverzeva - Birch ( second right) meet the  active members of the Ukrainian community for the next joint projects to  help the orphans of war who need medical help
Raising awareness of Chernobyl at the Festival of Nations in Milton Keynes, July 2015.

July 28, 2015

Tatiana Pereverzeva Birch answered the questions on Chernobyl catastrophe consequences and the complicated war situation in Ukraine

The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in UK participated in the annual Festival of Nations in Milton Keynes. The Ukrainian stall exhibited Ukrainian crafts, arts, and info on Chernobyl disaster which happened in April 1986 in Ukraine. The Ukrainian stall attracted a lot of visitors. It was nice to see the interest of young people from different countries to the events in Ukraine, especially to the issue how CRF manage to help the sick children at the war situation in Ukraine.

Event website

Tatiana Pereverzeva Birch answered the questions on Chernobyl catastrophe consequences and the complicated war situation in Ukraine
Chernobyl Commemoration concert was a success

May 1, 2015

The Chernobyl and Fukushima commemoration concert was held on 26 April 2015 at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in London.

It was supported by the Embassy of Ukraine in UK, fans of classical music and friends of CRF.

ALLA SIRENKO - “I would like to commemorate with music all people who perished, and who has been affected not only in Ukraine, but also in Fukushima - Japan. Their stories must not be forgotten and should be a strong warning for future generations to come”

IGOR PYSMENSKYI - “I am the pilot and participant of the liquidation of the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident, it was 29 years ago, but I remember every minute of the horror which still lasts”

TATIANA PEREVERZEVA-BIRCH - “The concert was a great success, I was pleased to see so many friends and supporters of CRF. CRF exhibition attracted a lot of attention, especially of the young people, who were not even born when Chernobyl happened”

ALLA SIRENKO - Composer, Pianist, Artistic Director, organiser, London (right)IGOR PYSMENSKYI - Chairman, Public organisation of serviceman-participants in fighting consequences of Chernobyl accident, Kiev, Ukraine (left)TATIANA PEREVERZEVA - BIRCH - Managing Trustee, the Chernobyl Relief Foundation in UK (CRF), UK
Local musicians and poets support the CRF fundraising event in Stony Stratford Milton Keynes on 30 April 2015

May 1, 2015

The musicians and poets of Milton Keynes participated in the OpenMic evening to support CRF medical project held at the hotel Bull, Stony Stratford in Milton Keynes. Tatiana Pereverzeva - Birch held the fundraising raffle with the prizes donated by the local artists Robert Rusin and Patrick Nicholson. The raised funds will contribute to the next medical project for the Chernobyl children registered at Zemlyaki, Kiev, Ukraine.

Tatiana Pereverzeva Birch is very happy for the support

Private party at Milton Keynes raised funds for CRF, May 2015

May 1, 2015

The private party to celebrate the International Labour Day on 1 May was held in Milton Keynes. The English, Russian, and Ukrainian families participated.

The water colour of the Russian artist and writer Sergey Spirykhyn was donated by the hosts of the party for the raffle to raise money for the CRF medical project in Kiev, Ukraine. The raised money will contribute to the purchasing of medication for the Chernobyl children registered at Zemlyaki, Kiev, Ukraine.

Tatiana Pereverzeva Birch, CRF Managing Trustee , with a lucky winnerHostess Irina says goodbye to her beloved picture which she donated to the CRF.Fundraising raffle was a success
26 April 2015. Invitation to the Chernobyl commemoration concert in London.

April 15, 2015

26 April 2015. Invitation to the Chernobyl commemoration concert in London.


CRF completed a new health project, Kiev, December 2014

December 28, 2014

CRF sponsored medical aids for dozens of children aged 4-13 who have multiple diseases connected to the Chernobyl catastrophe and registered as victims of Chernobyl at non profit organisation Zemlyaki , Kiev.

List of children who recieved medical aids.List of children who recieved medical aids.List of children who recieved medical aids.

CRF project was monitered with the help of Lions Club Donetsk Univeral

CRF completed the medical aid project in the challenging war situation in Donetsk, Ukraine . August 2014

August 28, 2014

CRF completed the medical aid project in the challenging war situation in Donetsk, Ukraine . August 2014

CRF donated £2000 for the medicine for the Chernobyl children in Donetsk. These children are registered as the life term victims of Chernobyl because their parents participated in the liquidation of the Chernobyl aftermath. The war situation in Donetsk made the project extremely challenging . CRF thanks Donetsk- Universal Lions Club and the Regional Soyuz Chernobyl organisations for assistance in purchasing and distributing the medicine to hundreds of children.

Here is a Thank You letter from Ischenko , one of the mothers who has 10 Chernobyl registered children in her family

The Art Exhibition in St.Lawrence Church, Bradwell, Milton Keynes, July 2014

July 28, 2014

CRF exhibited the donated arts of local artist at the annual fundraising Tea Party in St Lawrence church in Bradwell, Milton Keynes.

CRF thanks the artists and the church committee for assisting CRF to raise awareness of the long lasting consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

There was a lot of interest to the the work of CRF especially knowing about the war situation in Donetsk where CRF recently completed a few medical aid projects


Thank you letter from Kiev Hospital for £3250 medical aid

November 29, 2013

Since 2012 CRF purchased medical aid worth more than £10,000 for Okhmadet ALL REPUBLICAN CHILDRENS HOSPITAL IN KIEV, UKRAINE where Chernobyl affected children with leukaemia are treated. This is the most recent thank you letter from the hospital for the 20 donated blood kits worth £3250; November 2013.

Visit to Chernobyl Organisation Soyooz Chernobyl in Donetsk, November2013

November 28, 2013

Trustee Tatiana Pereverzeva Birch visted Soyooz Chernobyl in Donetsk, Ukraine with the aim to organise the next group of Chernobyl children for treatment and holiday. 800 children are listed as Chernobyl children in Donetsk region. They are the third generation of kids born in the families of liquidators of Chernobyl aftermath.

CRF plans joined art project with Ukrainian Artist

November 25, 2013

Cardiff, November 2013.

Tatiana Perverzeva - Birch visited the opening of the exhibition of the Ukrainian artist Tatiana Ponomarenko-Leverash from Donetsk. They discussed the joint art project to help the Chernobyl liquidators and 800 Chernobyl children.

250 000 miners from Donetsk participated in liquidation of the aftermath of Chernobyl in 1986.

The Ambassador of the Embassy of Ukraine in UK and the Mayor of Donetsk were among the guests of the exhibition
Delivery of The Appeal And Resolution of the OSCE Children and Youth Summit to Prime Minister. Meeting at Parliament and Embassy

October 29, 2013

This summer 10 British children from London, Milton Keynes, Hemel Hempstead, Norfolk, Gloucester and Cambridge participated in the 12th International Children Festival “Let’s Change the World for the Better” and represented their country at the OSCE Children and Youth Summit, which was held on 18 July - 4 August in Artek International Children Centre, Ukraine.

On 29 October, 2013 they delivered the Appeal and Resolution of the OSCE Children and Youth Summit to the Prime Minister of UK at 10 Downing Street which was adopted and signed by 60 countries. After the meeting at the Cabinet Office the children visited the House of Lords in Parliament and discussed the main issues of the OSCE Children and Youth Summit with the Baroness Caroline Cox, how to live in safe environment without accidents like Chernobyl and the wars around the world. Then they met The Ambassador of Ukraine Volodymyr Khandogiy at the Embassy in London and shared their experience in Artek where they made friends with almost 800 kids from more than 60 countries. They told The Ambassador that Artek changed their attitude to the role of the youth in making the Planet a better place to live: “We lived in the happiest place in the world - Artek, a model of what the world should be!”

At 10 Downing StreetMeeting with The Baroness Caroline Cox. The House of Lords, Parliament, London

The Artek Festival Project in the UK was promoted in 2004 by The Chernobyl Relief Foundation. Since then more than 70 British children represented the British culture and traditions at the annual International Children Festivals “Lets Change the World for the Better”. They became the active supporters of the Foundation and raised thousands of pounds for the Chernobyl children. This year the British group raised nearly £1000 for the gifts and souvenirs they donated to the Ukrainian children from Chernobyl affected areas, who participated in the Festival.

Click Here for More Infomation About meeting at Embassy

Information in Ukrainian Press

British group donated over £1000 worth of gifts to Ukrainian children in Artek

August 1, 2013

British children organised the friendship meetings with the Ukrainian children. They shared the culture and traditions of both countries and exchanged gifts and souvenirs. The British group donated gifts, worth more than £1000, to the children from Chernobyl affected areas.

Ukrainian Folk Group In British Hats!Friendship Party with Ukrainian ChildernDozens of Gifts Donated at the Fesitval Events!
12th International Children festival in Artek

July 19, 2013

“Let’s Change the World for the better!”

The 12th International Children Festival is held on 19 July-1 August, 2013, at the International Children Centre “Artek”, Crimea , Ukraine

The Festival aim is to promote international friendship and understanding between children. Last year more than 800 kids from nearly 60 countries participated in the Festival.

The group up to 10 active kids 12-16 years old is invited to represent UK culture and traditions. The kids will participate in various cultural and sports events in the fun-packed programmes of the Festival, and International Children League of Nations.

It all happens in the unique setting of a beautiful seaside resort at the Black Sea coast in Crimea


The children and one adult leader would be provided with free accommodation, full board, but they travel at their own expenses.

The kids should have the health certificates, the valid British passport is essential.

No visa needed to travel to Ukraine.
Artek Festival project in the UK is initiated and promoted by The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the United Kingdom( CRF) in 2004. More than 70 kids from different parts of GB had this once-in-a-life-time experience. They made hundreds of friends from all over the world and had been reporting the Prime Minister on their plans how to change the world.

It is part of the CRF Child-to-Child project. See www.chernobylrelief.comThe invitation to participate in the festival is provided via the Embassy of Ukraine in UK.
For details, please contact

Tatiana Pereverzeva-Birch,

Project Managing Trustee, CRF

Co-ordinator and initiator of the Artek project in GB.
25,Wimbledon Place,
Bradwell Common,
Milton Keynes,
MK13 8 BQ

Tel : 01908 673181
Email address:

Tatiana Pereverzeva-Birch Translated for English Doctors, June 2013

June 28, 2013

In June 2013 doctors from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London provided lectures to nurses and doctors at Okhmadet hospital in Kiev, Ukraine. Trustee Tatiana Perevezeva Birch interpreted at the lectures free of charge as a part of CRF projects for Okhmadet.

Visit to Chernobyl Fund Zemlyaki, Kiev. June 2013

June 28, 2013

Trustee Tatiana Perevezeva Birch visited Chernobyl Fund Zemlyaki in Kiev to establish new humanitarian aid projects to deliver medical aid to Chernobyl victims.

British children participated in Festival and OSCE Children and Youth summit, Artek, 2013

February 28, 2013

This summer 10 British children from London, Milton Keynes, Hemel Hempstead, Norfolk, Gloucester and Cambridge participated in the 12th International Children Festival “Let’s Change the World for the Better” and represented their country at the OSCE Children and Youth Summit, which was held on 18 July - 4 August 2013 in Artek International Children Centre, Ukraine.

British Group and the Leader Tatiana Pereverzva Birch Whole GroupAlmost 800 Children from 64 Different Countries Particitpated in the Festival and Summit
Doctors from Okhmadyt Hospital in Kiev visited Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, February 2013

February 28, 2013

Heads of Intensive Care and Day Care Therapy Departments of Okhmadyt Hospital in Kiev, Ukraine, visited Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in London at the invitation of THE ALTERNATIVE HAIR CHARITABLE FOUNDATION …Ukrainian doctors paid special attention to the organisation of work and structure of departments where kids with leukemia are treated. Doctors from GOSH plan to go to Okhamadyt hospital in June with a return visit.

Project Managing Trustee of CRF, Tatiana Pereverzeva-Birch, delivered complementary interpretation services during 3 day visit of Ukrainian doctors in GOSH.

Dr Igor Stetsyuk and Dr Olga Stetsyuk , Tatiana Pereverzeva- Birch (in the middle) worked as a team with the doctors and nurses of GOSH (pictures inside the hospital were not welcomed)

Report on CRF activities

January 1, 2013

Click to download report in Microsoft Word Document format

Report on CRF activities


CRF sponsored 12 donor blood cell separation kits for AMICUS Cell Platform

November 30, 2012

Visit to All Republican Children Hospital of Ukraine Okhmadyt, Kiev, November 2012

Visit to All Republican Children Hospital of Ukraine Okhmadyt, Kiev, November 2012Tatiana Pereverzeva- Birch with Head of Intensive Care Therapy Department Dr Igor Stetsyuk12 life saving blood  cell separation kits for AMICUS are delivered to the intensive care therapy of Okhmadyt
CRF sponsored dental unit, September 2012

September 28, 2012

CRF sponsored £1000 for the purchasing . of the dental unit ” Granum -TS68 3 for the City dental clinic N 4,, Donetsk, Ukraine, where 517 Chernobyl victims get treatment.

Blood-kits for Okhmadyt hospital, Kiev, July 2012

July 28, 2012

CRF sponsored £2000 for purchasing of 13 ‘bloodkits’ and the blood separator for the Okhmadyt All Republican Hospital of Ukraine for the treatment of kids with cancer.

The first photo shows the 13 ‘bloodkits’ and the second one of the kits with the blood separator. Unfortunately picture of the ward with patients are never allowed.

In Kiev CRF project was supervised by Kiev Lions Club, it finalised the purchase and delivery of the medical aims to the hospital.

CRF sponsors £1000 for purchasing medical equipment for Maternity and Childcare Centre and £2000 to contribute to treatment of children with cancer in Okhmadyt Hospital, Ukraine in April 2012

April 30, 2012

The CRF raised £1000 for purchasing of two Doppler fetal monitors and a computer for monitor’s data reading for the Donetsk Regional Centre of Maternity and Childcare, Donetsk, Ukraine. Donetsk Universal Lions Club helped CRF to monitor the project and deliver the medical equipment to the Centre.


CRF sponsors £2,000 for medical treatment in July 2011

July 30, 2011

The CRF sponsored the essential medication that is required to treat children suffering from cancer at Okhmadyt All Republican Hospital of Ukraine. Kiev Lions Club helped CRF to deliver the medication to the hospital in time. Kiev, Ukraine.

Tatiana Pereverzeva-Birch given the 'State Award' for charity work

July 25, 2011

The Ukranian Government honoured Tatiana Pereverzeva-Birch with the ‘State Award’ for the achievements of the charity activities and projects, which benefited the Chernobyl children.

“My sincere thanks and appreciation to all of the supporters and friends of the Chernobyl Relief Foundation who have contributed their time and efforts to making the projects of CRF a reality.” Tatiana

The reception at the Embassy of Ukraine in Great Britain with the Ambassador of Ukraine Volodymyr Khandogiy, 25th July 2011.

Fundraising at the "Chernobyl's Darkest Hours" Exhibition

May 6, 2011

The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in UK (CRF) presented its activities at the reception of the “Chernobyl’s Darkest Hours” exhibition on 5th May 2011. It was held in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster at the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain. Supporting the exhibition was the Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom. More than £1,000 was raised for the CRF. The money will be put towards to the treatment of kids with cancer at the Okhmadyt Hospital in Kiev, Ukraine.

Tatiana Pereverzeva-Birch with representatives of AUGB and The Embassy of Ukraine in UK
Flights to Kiev - Chernobyl Relief Foundation Competition

April 26, 2011

Chernobyl Relief Foundation gives you the chance to win TWO return business class ticket to Kiev, Ukraine for only £10! If your dream is to visit the beautiful country of Ukraine, I hope you will enter… the best of luck to all!

Cheques for £10 should be made payable to the Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the UK and sent to

The Ukranian Thought CRF Prize Draw

49 Linden Gardens,


W2 4HG

Please provide you name, address, contact telephone number and email address so you can be contacted when you win.

All proceeds will be forwarded to the Specializes Children’s Hospital Ohmatdyt and will be used solely for children’s medical care.

Commemoration Services for victims of the Chernobyl disaster marking the 25th anniversary

April 26, 2011

In collaboration with CRF the special services were held at Churches in Miton Keynes, Halifax and London to commemorate 25th anniversary of Chernobyl catastrophe. This was to raise awareness and raise funds in aid of future CRF projects.

The commemoration Requiem Mass for the victims of Chernobyl in Halifax was centered around the Chernobyl icon.

Peace and Goodwill exhibition reception at AIM for Art Gallery, 5th February 2011

February 5, 2011

The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in UK successfully organised the collaboration of local and internationally acclaimed artists as well as inviting the children of Chernobyl to donate their works of art to to this fantastic exhibition, hosted by the Aim for Art Gallery, Milton Keynes (

The event was attended by The Mayor of Milton Keynes, Debbie Brock, the Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of Ukraine in the UK, the District Governor of the Lions Club 105A and more than 100 supporters of the Chernobyl Relief Foundation UK.

Thanks to the efforts of all involved, we raised £1,425.30 to contribute to the treatment of children with cancer at the Okhmadyt Hospital in Ukraine. Many thanks are due to a number of local artists who kindly donated their artworks to raise money for the cause.


Click for more
Picture 1 Tatiana Pereverzeva - Birch, Curator of the Peace and Goodwill exhibition and Project Managing Trustee of the Chernobyl Relief Foundation UKPicture 2 Traditional Ukranian-style welcome to The Mayor of Milton Keynes, Debbie BrockPicture 3 Minister-Counsellor Andrii Kuzmenko, Embassy of Ukraine in UK (telling the audience children choose peace and goodwill...)


Fundraising concert in Milton Keynes City Church, December 2010

December 28, 2010

In the presence of the Mayor of MK and with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine

The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in UK, The Church of Christ the Cornerstone, Music at Milton Keynes City Church and MK Central Lions Club present:

Concert for chernobyl children


9 December 2010, 7.45pm


The Church of Christ the Cornerstone

300 Saxon Gate West, Milton Keynes (opposite M&S)

Tickets on the door: £9, ( conc £8.50, child £2)



KSENIA BEREZINA**(violin)** won a Leverhulme Trust Award to undertake the postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Music, a top prizewinner at International competitions in Italy, Portugal, Russia, Bulgaria and Poland. She has given solo recitals throughout Europe and Baltic Countries.

YULIA VORONTSOVA (piano) won prizes in Competitions in Moscow, Poland and Greece before taking up a scholarship to study at the Royal College of Music. Earlier this year she performed in BBC Prom Chamber Music series.

Also: photo exhibition 25 years of Chernobyl;

raffle-gifts sponsored by John Lewis, Ukrainian Vodka, Ukrainian and MK artists’ artworks-fundraising auction, and more..

Refreshments provided by Waitrose


Tatiana: 01908 673181


Raising awareness of the Chernobyl tragedy at the International Childrens' League of Nations and Festival in Artek, Ukraine, July - August 2010

November 5, 2010

The British kids, who support the CRF, participated in the Interantional Children’s Festival and the International Children’s League of Nations (ICLN) in Artek International Children’s Centre in Crimea, Ukraine (click here for more information).

At the first session of the Assembly of ICLN, the children met the representatives of the UN, embassies and other children from 55 countries. The Assembly promoted the principles of tolerence, equality and pluralism amongst children of different nationalities and faiths through gaining life experience in a multicultural environment.

The British delegates contributed to raising the awareness of the Chernobyl tragedy and the current issues surrounding environmental protection.

The participants of the Assembly signed an Appeal and Resolution document addressed to the Heads of the states - ‘Let’s change the world for the better.’

The United Kingdom delegation presented the Appeal to PM David Cameron on 5th November 2010.

As well as contributing to the Assembly, all of the young participants actively raised funds for the CRF Children’s Health Project, presenting the final cheque to the Ambassador of the Embassy of Ukraine at the reception in London on 26th October 2010.

Article to Ukrainska Dumka (Press Conference at Embassy of Ukraine, 26 April, 2010)

April 26, 2010

If you would like to download the article as a Word document, click here
(Please note, the article is in the Ukrainian language!)


Church of Christ the Cornerstone (Programme Info)

May 16, 2009

Church of Christ the Cornerstone, Milton Keynes.

Thursday 9th October 7.45pm




LECLAIR: Sonata No 3 in D VITALI: Ciaconna

BRAHMS: Scherzo MOZART: Adagio in E minor

KREISLER: Rondo in G SCHUBERT: Sonata No 2 in A minor

SKORYK: Melody SAINT-SAENS: Introduction & Rondo

Ukranian born Yevgeniy Kostrytskyy won a scholarship to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where he has just completed his studies with Professor David Takeno, gaining highest honours, and the award of a Guildhall Fellowship. He was a prizewinner in the Pierre Lantierre International Violin Competition, the Petar Conjovich International Chamber Music Competition and the Jascha Heifetz International Competition. He has made numerous solo recital and concerto appearances across Europe and the USA and has been actively engaged in helping Ukraine’s integration into European cultural and political life. Sasha Grynyuk received the ‘Future of Ukraine’ Presidential Award before gaining a full scholarship to the Guildhall in 2002. He won the Jacques Samuel Piano Competition in 2004 leading to performances at major venues throughout the UK, Japan and USA (including Carnegie Hall).

Tickets £8.50 (conc £8), child £2 at the door

Ukrainian arts and crafts fund raising raffle. Donations are welcomed.

Interval 20 minutes. Refreshments provided.


Fund raising concerts at 02 Arena, London by Ukrainian rock band, OCEAN ELZY, October 2008

October 2, 2008

CRF fund raising concert held by the Ukrainian rock band, OCEAN ELZY, at the 02 Arena, London in October 2008

Concert at O2 Arena, LondonConcert at O2 Arena, LondonConcert at O2 Arena, LondonConcert at O2 Arena, London
Artek - The 8th International Children's Festival

June 1, 2008

The 8th International Children’s Festival

“Let’s change the world for the better!”

It is held from 16th of July to 5th of August 2009 at the world know International Children Centre “Artek”, Crimea , Ukraine. “Artek” projects in the UK is initiated and promoted by The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the United Kingdom. Since 2004 it has been successfully implemented as the Child-to-Child project. This year the group of 10 gifted British children will represent the United Kingdom at the Festival approved by UNESCO as the best international youth project.

The Festival aims to promote international friendship and understanding between children of more than 80 countries. Talented children of 11-15 years of age children represent their countries in various sports and cultural events and participate in the fun-packed programme of the Festival - all in the unique setting of a beautiful seaside resort:

Master-classes on singing, circus, theatre, choreography, instrumental music, painting workshops, play shows, young DJs, entertainers, singers and dancers competitions, concerts, entertainment shows, sightseeing tours

Meetings with well known politicians and celebrities

The delegations from each country will be expected to make a presentation of their own country during a special show “Day of Peace” - one of the main events of the Festival which is world broadcast by TV.

The children would be provided free accommodation and full board in “Artek” for three weeks but they travel at their own cost.

No visa needed to travel to Ukraine.

For more details about the festival please visit the official website



English Pioneers in Ukraine

February 21, 2005

From Archived Site

Article by Tatiana Pereverzeva

Did I ever think I would be knocking at the door of Tony Blair’s office in No.10 Downing Street? Yet, at 2pm on the 3rd of February 2005 I handed the British Prime Minister a petition from the young representatives of the Artek International Children’s Festival Let’s Change the World for the Better. The petition, an appeal for solidarity and world peace, had been signed by children from 21 different countries.

What exactly is Artek? Where is it?

The International Children’s Centre Artek is located on the Black Sea coast, six kilometres along from the western foot of the Aju-Dag Mountain. The sun shines above Artek for 250 days of the year and it is protected from cold winds by the Crimean mountains. The area boasts unique natural beauty, fine golden beaches, ancient towns and mysterious caves. Artek was founded in 1925, yet to this day it is filled with children’s laughter all year round. Here millions of children are given the opportunity to learn about the world and to develop their talents. Here children can acquire a multitude of skills such as airplane and ship modelling, photography, IT, or take up a variety of sporting activities, among which are basketball, football, tennis, swimming. Artek is also the venue for grand festivals, including art, music and dance, film, or sport festivals as well as Olympiads.

The above is a summary of what can be found on its website:

What I saw in Artek made me think that it is perhaps the only place on earth for children, where in the course of many decades, from morning till night, the laughter of children has never ceased, their little faces are wreathed in smiles, and singing fills the air - a place where happy relationships know no frontiers, in both the literal and figurative sense. Here they learn good things, friendship and mutual understanding, and build bridges of childhood diplomacy, educating and entertaining. Throughout the troubled times which have rocked our country politically or economically, Artek has remained a little island of happiness, a school of life for many prominent future representatives of the arts, culture, business and politics. This year it celebrates its 80th anniversary and has on offer ten camps, a uniquely equipped school, swimming pools and workshops. Some 24,000 children a year relax in Artek. Artek was, and has stayed, in the words of the children themselves, a veritable paradise where they can learn, make friends, and be restored to health.

Which of us former Soviet Union Pioneers hasn’t dreamed at one time or other of coming to Artek? For me, in my childhood, Artek remained a dream. But dreams often come true, even, in my case, as a grandma. The journey that has led me to Artek has been a long one. As a result of many endeavours and meetings I found myself travelling to Ukraine with Baroness Caroline Cox, the Speaker of the House of Lords. We learned a lot about orphans and Chernobyl victims. No-one could fail to be moved by what we saw in the various orphanages and hospitals. It was at that time that I also learned of the children’s festivals in Artek. These are colourful and varied, and one of the most outstanding ones is the International Children’s Folk Festival under the motto Let’s Change the World for the Better. That is when I first conceived the idea of bringing the first group of English children to Artek. After successful negotiations with the Hope and Goodness Foundation, the initiator and organiser of the Festival under the patronage of the President, I was granted places at Artek. At that time I had already been an executive trustee of the Chernobyl Relief Foundation in UK, founded by the Ukrainian Embassy. I proposed a youth exchange Artek project. There were some doubts, of course - would English children understand the concept of organised rest, whistles blown when sea bathing, mealtimes in groups; would they be interested in the traditional folk aspect of the festival, Ukrainian food, eight to ten people living together in one room…

Problems began to pile up. The invitation only arrived at Easter time. The Ministry for Education told me there was little chance of succeeding. These sorts of trips are usually organised a year in advance. To be quite frank, no-one in any of the official bodies connected with children here in the UK believed that I would succeed in assembling a group within such short notice. I needed 20 children between the ages of 13 and 15, showing unique talent in song and dance, able to participate in conferences, good at sport and music, ideally with some knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian, and also competent to act as junior world ambassadors at UNESCO level… They had to be able to communicate with high-ranking officials, presidents of countries, and most importantly - represent their own country’s folk tradition in all its variety.

Three weeks before the deadline, I had done nothing but knock on doors of regional educational institutions hoping to find this group of musically gifted young ambassadors of good will… and in the end, had practically given up hope - all the music, song and dance groups had either already gone off on planned tours, or reacted rather sceptically to the idea of travelling to Ukraine (where’s that? It was before the Orange Revolution). Anyone who is acquainted with the English school system and its rather complicated ‘student-teacher’ scheme knows that the school bears a huge responsibility for its children, if they are going anywhere, with countless regulations and guidelines. Many of them I didn’t know about, because I don’t work in a school, but also, I simply hadn’t a clue. It turned out far from easy to find children who were prepared to take on board the concept of an international environment in an unfamiliar milieu, and who hadn’t already booked their summer holidays a year in advance, as is the custom here in England. We also had to find parents able to pay for the trip, and who weren’t afraid to let their children go away for three weeks to far-off, little-known, or indeed, unknown Ukraine.

Yet, at the end of the day a group of 11 adventurous children had gathered at the airport. The flight was complicated - Birmingham - Prague - Kiev - Simferopol. Setting out at five o’clock in the morning, it would take us until 9pm to reach Simferopol. Then the adventures began in true Ukrainian style. The plane was late, and it turned out that, for safety reasons, we were not allowed to take the children over the mountain pass by night without police escort. This was the first unforeseen event, and we were offered overnight accommodation in a maintenance shed, but at least we had some sort of roof over our heads… In the morning, to the screeching sound of overworked brakes on buses that had most likely been on hand to welcome Yuri Gagarin to Artek 50 years ago, we set out on our Crimean epic. I soon cheered up, as the beauty of the Crimean landscape caused the bad impressions of that first night to fade. However, scenic beauty notwithstanding, everyone else fell asleep on the bus. I looked at them sleeping there, and memories of my own childhood surged into my mind - the Pioneer camps, the excitement of being team leader, the parades, the mass assemblies, the competitions, the thrill of winning prizes.

Finally, we arrived at the reception point, where I got the impression that nothing had changed much since my Pioneer days an inspection by doctors for scabies, a shower, and then uniforms. Then there was the cloakroom - it is just a pity I didn’t have my camera handy to record the expressions on the faces of my young ladies. What on earth were they going to do in the cloakroom with the hundreds of dresses they had so lovingly packed? When they reached the dormitory, there was a new shock - what exactly were they going to sleep on? The new beds were still in transit, since delivery had ground to a halt owing to gale force winds the night before our arrival, causing millions of dollars’ worth of damage in the Artek region, and compelling changes to the local infrastructure which didn’t exactly help. Credit where it’s due, though, I didn’t see a single apathetic person, and the staff did everything they could to alleviate the intervention of rampaging nature. Just as in the old days on the Trans-Siberian railway, it was all hands to the pump, screwing and fixing, and by the end of the day, our brand new bunk-beds had been assembled. By now the children had got their second wind, and everything was of interest - the luxuriant scenery, the refectory, which rather resembled an opera house with its columns, chandeliers and marble, and multilingual conversations. Forgetting their sleepless night and the exhausting journey, they rushed along with their group leaders to join the welcoming party.

Three weeks of uninterrupted joy followed: the pursuit of creativity, happy relationships, daily concerts, discos, and much more. Lying here in front of me is the programme for each day, timetabled minute by minute. I brought it back especially, so as to read through it and marvel - did we really do all that, was it really possible? At any one time we were appearing on television, taking part in a drawing competition, in a rehearsal, at a press conference, a football match…There were excursions to beauty spots and palaces, dolphinariums, places of historical interest. We participated in photo sessions, live broadcasts, presentations… We coped with it all and played our part. At rehearsals we were able to bring together scattered fragments into a unified programme made up of sketches, with Irish dancing, a Scottish show, a mind-bogglingly entertaining display of juggling, violin chamber music, Spice Girls and Shakespeare pantomimes. We deserved to stand side by side with the other performers, distinguished award-winners in every competition you can think of. In their gorgeous national costumes, there were children from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Hungary, China, Morocco, Mongolia, and so on. It was impossible to watch all that talent without being moved to tears - so much for Eurovision! Films were shot for TV, masses of photographs were taken.

The festival was a great success. I don’t know if my children remember their meetings with the President and The First Lady of Ukraine, the Deputy General Secretary of UNESCO, the Minister for Family and Youth Affairs, and diplomats from the participating countries, who came to Artek specifically to meet them, but I do know that they will never forget the atmosphere of love and joy, which the festival organisers had created - they will never forget their new friends, and the absolutely unimaginable scale of the Gala concert with its 4,000 participants and the stunning firework display at the end.

I am still receiving letters from my children. Their letters are in front of me just now

…my experience at Artek was fantastic. Artek has shown me so many things that have changed the way I look and think. It made me a better person… Hanna

…I enjoyed Artek completely. It will stay with me forever. My heart belongs to Artek. It is such a fantastic opportunity to meet, see and do new things, and build friendship with the children from all over the world…Janan

…being in Artek has given me such a different outlook on life. It has made me realise what is really important in life. We are organising fundraising events for the children who are less fortunate. I will follow the motto of the festival “let’s make the world better” and want to come to Ukraine to help in orphanages… Jade

I am moved to tears by their fundraising efforts, their discussions about Artek, staging concerts in school, washing teachers’ cars, etc., doing whatever they can to bring in money to help pay for orphans to stay at Artek. Some of them are planning to go to Ukraine to take up work placements in children’s homes. The children speak enthusiastically of how useful they find studying Russian.

And now we are meeting to hand in a petition from the children of Artek to Tony Blair: Let’s all live in peace and friendship. I’ve also acquainted them with the aims of the Foundation - the most immediate of which is to bring over talented Ukrainian children, a folk ensemble from regions seriously polluted by radiation, to improve their health. It is possible that they will stage miniconcerts for charity in aid of the children of Chernobyl, and take whatever money they collect to Ukraine themselves. I have already set in motion several schemes for raising money to welcome a group of Ukrainian children to England. Our Foundation has many good friends, people who understand and have faith in us. They include Russians and English people, professionals and old age pensioners, who understand that as a consequence of the Chernobyl disaster, hundreds of thousands of children in Ukraine are in need of help. They have been born with physical deformities so terrible that their lives are scarcely fit to be called lives. The tragedy of Chernobyl first came to light almost 19 years ago, but it will take hundreds of years for the problem to disappear. That’s why, on the eve of the anniversary of Chernobyl, the United Nations has issued an appeal to all right-thinking people not to ‘turn their back’ on the problem. And we won’t be turning our backs. Information about our work can be found on the Ukrainian Embassy website. We have a great many plans, but we need friends to help us support this never-ending charity marathon, in which everyone is a winner - both those who give, and those who receive.

If you are interested in our plans, or if you wish to help, please write to: Tatiana Pereverzeva Executive Trustee The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the UK Crossbush House Crossbush Arundel BN18 9PQ

Donations payable to The Chernobyl Relief Foundation in UK

Tatiana Pereverzeva