Winners of International Poster Competition to raise awareness of Chernobyl's legacy.

Tue Jun 15 2021

Some comments of judges on the International Poster Competition IMAGINE YOUR FUTURE PLANET organised by CRF in partnership with Art School , Kherson , Ukraine

The Baroness Caroline Cox , Trustee , CRF , UK “Absolutely BRILLIANT! Evocative, thoughtful, beautiful and inspirational. Congratulations to all, Caroline:

Dearest Tatiana, It was a great privilege and joy to write the letter to the entrants of Imagine Your Future Planet. I am particularly pleased to know you are so happy with it - even if the feeling did overwhelm you! As always, I am truly grateful for your friendship and for your very generous, kind words. Please do be in touch if there is anything else you need. With great admiration for your inspirational and transformational work and with fondest love, Caroline”

Anthony Spira , Director of MK Gallery , UK ” Tatiana, congratulations again on managing such a wonderful and important project! It was an honour and a pleasure to be involved. Such a successful project! Anthony”

Yulia Slipich, Director of Art School, Kherson, Ukraine “Tanya, thank you very much. It was a great competition. And it was a new experience for us. I’m glad everything worked out great. The children are very happy with the results. You have chosen an excellent judging team.”

Anna Korolevska, Director of National Chernobyl Museum , Kyiv, Ukraine “Dear Tatyana, I understand you very well! I am grateful for your many years of charitable work. It is worth a lot: for so many years to be so devoted to the affected people, to preserve their memory and not let the world forget about this tragedy. May your kindness and cordiality return to you a hundredfold!

We decided to place all 80 winners artworks on google drive so that all children can see their works and show them to others. They all tried and should be rewarded for such an efforts and incredible talents … “

Julia Karmo, Producer of REAL CHERNOBYL documentary

”Dear Tatiana, I want to say a huge thanks for being part of the judging panel and to congratulate you all for doing this amazing work on making Chernobyl legacy alive for so many kids from all over the world, 35 years on. I think the works are really excellent and hope they generate a lot of discussions everywhere where they are displayed. It has been an honour to be part of this! Best wishes, Julia Karmo"

"Dear Tatiana, … I would be honoured to do judging. Thank you for sharing your personal story why raising awareness on Chernobyl disaster has become your lifetime project…Not a day goes by when I don’t reflect in what I learned through making the film and the people I met in Chernobyl - both on the injustice that happened and keeps happening to people who lived through it and the unassuming heroism of the people who dealt with it then and are helping people now… Thank you so much for reaching out! Julia”

Anara Forrester “It’s been a delight and a privilege to be involved in judging this incredibly beautiful and meaningful poster competition. The theme of the competition Imagine Your Future Planet to commemorate the 35th year since the Chernobyl tragedy encouraged children to study and think about importance of saving our nature and global environmental risks. And seeing the art works of the young participants, I am confident that this experience will help them to grow into responsible human beings, who, when time comes, will make right choices to keep this world safe and going. Thank you and very best wishes, Anara Forrester Art researcher and historian in subject of public art United Kingdom”

Vladimir Tverdokhlebov, artist “Dear Tatiana, First of all I would like to say many thanks for inviting me to be a judge of the international children poster competition in commemoration of the 35th year of the Chernobyl disaster. It was a real pleasure and privilege to see so many talented art works by young children from different parts of the world. I liked many posters. There are many incredible talents. It was not easy to choose a favourite one. Wishing all the young participants to be healthy and happy, fulfil their dreams and keep developing their talents. Thank you and very best wishes, Vladimir Tverdokhlebov Artist Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Natalia Zozulya, artist “Good morning, Tatiana! I enjoyed looking at the artworks. Indeed, there are simply amazing ideas, there is super execution. I have put my ticks on many works and will look through everything again… You have done an amazing job! I am very grateful to you for the opportunity to participate in this project. Thank you Natalia “

Stewart Bailey, Director VirtualViewing …”This piece of art was “stand out” for me. The simplicity, the delicate lines and most of all the subject presents and wonderfully simplistic, almost rustic returns to the true values of life as we commune as one with nature. Bravo!”

Temenuga Hristova, artist “Dear Tatiana, I am honoured to be a judge in your international art competition and I gladly accept your kind invitation! Temenuga Hristova, Artsist, Art teacher, Chairwoman of Union of Bulgarian Artists -brunch of Shumen”