Delivery of The Appeal And Resolution of the OSCE Children and Youth Summit to Prime Minister. Meeting at Parliament and Embassy

Tue Oct 29 2013

This summer 10 British children from London, Milton Keynes, Hemel Hempstead, Norfolk, Gloucester and Cambridge participated in the 12th International Children Festival “Let’s Change the World for the Better” and represented their country at the OSCE Children and Youth Summit, which was held on 18 July - 4 August in Artek International Children Centre, Ukraine.

On 29 October, 2013 they delivered the Appeal and Resolution of the OSCE Children and Youth Summit to the Prime Minister of UK at 10 Downing Street which was adopted and signed by 60 countries. After the meeting at the Cabinet Office the children visited the House of Lords in Parliament and discussed the main issues of the OSCE Children and Youth Summit with the Baroness Caroline Cox, how to live in safe environment without accidents like Chernobyl and the wars around the world. Then they met The Ambassador of Ukraine Volodymyr Khandogiy at the Embassy in London and shared their experience in Artek where they made friends with almost 800 kids from more than 60 countries. They told The Ambassador that Artek changed their attitude to the role of the youth in making the Planet a better place to live: “We lived in the happiest place in the world - Artek, a model of what the world should be!”

At 10 Downing StreetMeeting with The Baroness Caroline Cox. The House of Lords, Parliament, London

The Artek Festival Project in the UK was promoted in 2004 by The Chernobyl Relief Foundation. Since then more than 70 British children represented the British culture and traditions at the annual International Children Festivals “Lets Change the World for the Better”. They became the active supporters of the Foundation and raised thousands of pounds for the Chernobyl children. This year the British group raised nearly £1000 for the gifts and souvenirs they donated to the Ukrainian children from Chernobyl affected areas, who participated in the Festival.

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