Forthcoming Projects for 2016
  • Sponsorship of new groups of the Ukrainian children for rest and treatment holidays in non- contaminated areas in Ukraine.
  • Charity Fund-Raising Concerts.
  • Sponsoring essential pharmaceuticals and medical equipment for treating children with Chernobyl related illnesses.



CRF discuss new projects at Embassy of Ukraine, London, August, 2015

On 23 August Tatiana Pereverzeva -Birch met representatives of the Ukrainian community and Ukraine Aid UK at the Preview of the Fragile Independence Photo Exhibition at  the Embassy of Ukraine in London. It was held to raise awareness of the war victims in Ukraine. Thousands of children became orphans because of the war. CRF discussed  the potential medical projects with Ukraine Aid UK.

Embassy of Ukraine, London. The Ukrainian community actively help the victims of war in Ukraine. But it is never enough. They are looking for any potential help

Thousands  of orphans who lost their dads in war in Ukraine need medical help, but they look optimistic for the future and express their hopes in the pictures. 

Tatiana Pereverzeva - Birch ( second right) meet the active members of the Ukrainian community for the next joint projects to help the orphans of war who need medical help 
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