Forthcoming Projects for 2016
  • Sponsorship of new groups of the Ukrainian children for rest and treatment holidays in non- contaminated areas in Ukraine.
  • Charity Fund-Raising Concerts.
  • Sponsoring essential pharmaceuticals and medical equipment for treating children with Chernobyl related illnesses.




Extract from a letter sent to the Chernobyl Relief Foundation in the United Kingdom by the Director of the Makeevka Centre for Education and Rehabilitation (MCER), Makeevka, Ukraine:

... on 16.07.07 there were 287 children permanently resident mainly orphans aged 4 to 18 years. Medical treatment is provided by one doctor and a nurse; of course, this is not enough for so many children.
... there are no children in good health . Practically every child suffers from disorders due to damage to the immune system, changes caused by the unfavourable environmental conditions, the lack of care or suitable food for the children who arrived at the boarding school (MCER) with medical, psychological and physical problems.
... The budget of MCER is not intended to cover payment for the children’s clothing and footwear, repairs to the premises, or the provision of equipment for classrooms and bedrooms. Regrettably, there is far too little money to cover the children’s food costs. Instead of the regulation 14.5 Ukrainian griven (equivalent to £1.50) per day, the boarding school receives 8.5 griven (i.e. £0.80).
... The staff and children at MCER thank the Chernobyl Relief Foundation in UK (CRF) for the many years of humanitarian and health assistance. The children sponsored by CRF for treatment at the best children’s sanatoriums in Ukraine have gained several years of valuable life. However, the numbers of children with health problems are not decreasing.

We NEED your help!

We are always grateful for your constant and unselfish assistance, and we hope we can assure you that the children you have helped will always remember that one good turn leads to another.

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